Highlights from Summer 2017!

Hoppin Around River Bend was a camp full of frog catching, lily pad tag jumping kiddos! We searched through the duck weed and sticks at Turtle Pond in search of tadpoles, caught frogs everywhere we turned, and even had a few kids bold enough to hold them on their own!


Wonders of the Woods was a half day camp of ALL GIRLS! Let me tell you, they were the cutest batch of explorers I could have ever asked for! We made our own binoculars and magnifying glasses to help us see and document all the animals and creatures we saw out in the woods! We also stuck play-do to different trees and objects to see the different textures we have out in nature! ….We also sang a lot of Frozen and Moana… I can’t complain.




Intro to Rock Climbing was soo rewarding to teach because you constantly saw “light bulb” or “ah-ha” moments with every child. The moment they conquered a really hard ledge or had the courage to reach up and grab a hold without knowing if they could make it, was amazing. These kids really knew how to push themselves…I may have had blisters all over my hands afterwards, but it was totally worth it.




Wilderness Games I and II were the craziest camps I taught, without a doubt. We always started the camp with a water day; full of water relays and slip-n-slide kickball as the huge finale game. But the best part of this camp isn’t water day (BELIEVE IT OR NOT!) it is Hunger Games day! We split up the kids into three districts, and their goal was to find as many of our hidden care packages as possible. We gave them a couple of acres to roam around in, walkie-talkies, and bandanas to use as lives, and let them loose! It may sound scary, but both groups did AMAZINGLY well with the freedom to run around and find the care packages! We also put in some water balloon throwing camp assistants to shake things up a bit…if you were hit with a water balloon a camp assistant got one of your lives. The kids absolutely loved it!




Fascinating Beasts was a hard one for me to plan, I wasn’t sure what direction I should go in. SO! I decided that teaching about the wonders of Minnesota would be the best way to go! We made Paul Bunyon beards and toilet paper tube Babes, we searched for Big Foot and FOUND him…not to mention we were able to ride Pepie the Lake Pepin monster around RBNC!



A Bug’s Life was full of BUTTERFLIES!



In Dinosaurs and Dragons we hunted for dinosaur bones like real life archaeologists, we made our own dragons, and we followed T-Rex tracks all the way to a treasure chest!!



There were so many more camps but this post is already too long! Until next summer RBNC…I will miss you!!!!!!





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